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Enabling a Sustainable Future For our industry and environment

Sustainability at Kane Top means a vision of long-term planning for the future from all angles. With our industry’s survivorship dependent on a resilient and stable society, achieving sustainability is imperative to us. Our mission is to activate and inspire this creative and sustainable transition.



Environmental Responsibility

We heavily invest in resource conservation across water and energy usage and ensure our chemicals and wastes are safely processed to set greener industry-wide standards.

Not only are our factories solar-powered, we have a customized Steam Condensate Recovery system to help us conserve energy and water usage.

We are part of SGS’s “0-Emission Manufacturer” Initiative. We are committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2025.
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Social Responsibility

Kane Top strives to make our workplace a safe and inspirational Home to our employees. As a family business and business family, we believe that we are family first.

Kane Top is a community: our leaders, our coworkers, our partners, our clients, our districts… together, we are family of indispensable members.
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Sustainability Innovation

We continually innovate, invest, test and apply more eco-friendly production processes and technologies that keep us sustainable long term. From materials to new business models, we try to enable circularity across our value chain. This is supported by our digital acceleration efforts which enable more efficient design production and traceability, critical to producing circular products.
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Transparency & Traceability

We are committed to moving towards full-fledged traceability and transparency across the value chain. We are in the process of enabling transparency from farm to factory, via trusted third-party tools for document verification, auditing, testing, and certified yarn programs.
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We go above and beyond to care for our people and our earth

Minimizing our social and environmental impact across the entire business is our moral obligation. We believe in contributing to change through various initiatives business-wide.
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