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We Treat our clients with care and offer unparalleled service

We collaborate
We innovate
We are transparent
We implement traceability
We source globally
We create samples (virtual 3D sampling & physical sampling)
We bulk produce
We inspect and quality control
We ship worldwide

We personalize all of our services to cater to our clients’ specific needs

Fabric Sourcing
Component & accessory sourcing
Fabric replication
On-demand sourcing
Fabric Manufacturing
Contract cut & sew
Bulk manufacturing
QC & inspection
Fabric Design
Garment conceptualization
Collection consulting
Tailored packaging
Distribution & fulfillment
Fabric & garment development
Embroidery & garment washing
How we work
Sourcing & innovation
We have an innovation center in Shanghai, interacting with our communities constantly to drive social and environmental innovation. We offer global material sourcing, technical support and creation with customers. 
Globalized production
We have more than 2,000 workers across all our factories. We can produce various products across knitted and woven categories. 
Digitalization End to End
We have different technologies and tools for different systems integration. We employ a
no-code agile software to respond quickly to production development changes and to coordinate with our clients and supply chain partners. 
Sustainable Materials & Products
We can provide innovative sustainable materials, including organic, recycled and cellulose fibers, as well as compostable packing, eco-printing, and other sustainable solutions. 
Our areas of expertise

We specialize in the following categories across womens, mens, and kids wear:

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T-Shirt Icon
Polo Icon
Yoga Icon
Yoga & Activewear
Athleisure Icon
Tanks and Tops Icon
Tanks & Tops
Hoodie Icon
Jacket Icon
Jackets & Blazers
Socks Icon
Loungewear Icon
Hats Icon
Swimsuit Icon

We can source and work with almost any fabric. here are a few:

Organic Fabric
Organic wool
Bio-based synthetic fibers
Bamboo Lyocell
Download Detailed List of Fabrics

our tech know-how brings you cutting edge and specialized production


Kane top's end-to-end digitalization strategy brings the future of fashion to you

What are your MOQs (minimum order quantities)?
1000 units, 300 per style/color
How long does it take for bulk production?
Production lead time: 2-4 weeks after delivery of raw materials and full approval

For special fabrics: up to 10 weeks
How can you control the process to guarantee the sustainability of your fabrics and end products?
We use globally recognized third-party testing, inspection, and certification companies, such as SGS and TESTEX, to monitor and audit our suppliers.
How long does it take for you to develop samples?
Time for samples: 1-4 weeks (depending on existing fabrics)

Time to create a new color: 10 days

Time to receive raw materials (fabrics/accessories): 2-4 weeks
What are your payment terms?
Line of credit 60-90 days
Why do you claim to be a sustainable fashion group?
Kane Top’s vision is to be able to enable a sustainable future for our industry and environment. We strive to be more inclusive, more equitable, more innovative, and more circular. We help our business partners and clients to become more sustainable. We also constantly invest in the workplace and develop sustainable communities. Setting this strategy with the potential to influence every decision in every part of our business is a significant undertaking, and we are prioritizing where we can make the biggest impact.

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