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Kane Top Office

Our History

Kane Top started as a leading textiles trading company in Hong Kong specializing in fine knit fabric development and production in the 1980’s.

Now, we have offices and manufacturing facilities across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.
Business Family
Family Business
Together around the same values & ambitions
Business Family
For the future

Who We are

With Over 35 years of history and experience, Kane top leads the industry by example

Kane Top is a family business and a business family. Our family members are all active change makers in different fields. We are complementary: sustainable energy, fashion, technology, and human psychology.

We value talent and embrace diversity and inclusion. Together, through the efforts of all of our colleagues and business partners, we are able to achieve mutual success and shape the future of sustainability, fashion and technology.
Kane Top MeetingKane Top TeamKane Top CEO and Team Member

Our Vision

Kane Top Office

Our Vision

We believe in questioning the status quo to create a better world starting from Hong Kong.

The meaning of fashion is evolving.

Making a wise use of technology will help us become more responsible producers and consumers. While innovation will redefine Fashion’s playground for creative expression, products will have to be functional, comfortable, long lasting and circular.

Leaders must do the right thing today and enable this shift.

Our Vision

Kane Top Showroom

Our Mission

Our mission is to activate and inspire this creative and sustainable transition of the Fashion and Supply Chain world.

Starting with our own actions, we also help our clients and suppliers in their evolution. We inspire their creativity (new products, new designs based on sustainable approaches) and empower their success.

Our Vision

Kane Top Office

Our Approach

We continuously invest in and develop innovative technology to provide nimble, more competitive, and sustainable manufacturing and digitalized supply chain solutions. We have smart partners who share our values and offer complementary technological and scientific expertise to help us achieve product and operational excellence.

We pride ourselves on our agility, resiliency, creativity, and commitment to long-term growth. We believe that our actions speak louder than words, and we are committed to making a difference.

Our Locations
Kane Top Office
Hong kong community
Shanghai Office
shanghai community
Shanghai Design Room
Shanghai design room
Shanghai Innovation Center
shanghai innovation center
Shanghai Showroom
shanghai showroom
Singapore Office
Singapore Office


Shanghai (HQ)
Hong Kong
All our locations include showrooms and innovation centers. This is where we provide service to our clients, including merchandising, design and technical assistance. We also host community and industry events.
An Phat Factory Worker Sewing At Machine
An Phat - vietnam
ETOP Factory Workers
e-top - China
JTOP Factory Workers
J-TOP - China
JEA MUST Factory Workers
Jae Must - vietnam
Matsuoka Factory Workers
Matsuoka - china

production centers

Mainland China
E-Top (Shanghai)
J-Top (Anhui)
Matsuoka (Jiangsu)

These production centers are wholly-owned and controlled by Kane Top. We adhere to the strictest industry standards to ensure not only the production of quality products, but that our employees and workers are treated ethically.

Our factories are audited and certified by multiple third-party corporations and global initiatives, such as SEDEX, Better Work, and WRAP.

Our compliance with environmental and labor standards go above and beyond average industry benchmarks.
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