Shanghai HQ

Our OEM and ODM knitting garment manufacturing base, Shanghai E-Top Textile Co., Ltd., is located in Shanghai.

Established in 2004, our factory has an area of ~250,00 sq. ft. Our strengths include: Knit garment sourcing, research & development, skillful production & fast delivery time. We have many development skills in knitting wear.


Hong Kong Studio

Kane Top Group Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong, where our company first began.

Our Hong Kong office and studio is our fabrics library. It is primarily responsible for our fabrics sales, fabrics research and development, and fabrics sourcing. 


Shanghai Studio

A subsidiary of Kane Top, Shanghai Studio is a unique studio space that focuses on the research and development of new technologies within the apparel industry. With an environmentally sustainable mindset, we seek to build a hub where traditional manufacturing meets modern values in the creative process.

Hua Min
Hua Min
Hua Min


J-Top (Anhui) Textile Co. Ltd is our newest addition to our facilities. Located in the modern clothing industry park, Bozhou City in Anhui Province, J-Top is a brand new factory covering an area of over 5000 square meters. Accommodating over 400 employees, J-Top commenced production in January 2016 with the highest compliance standards. 


Our fabric mill, Kane Top Knitting (Dong Guan) Textile Co., Ltd., is located in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Founded in 1988, we have cultivated many skillful and experienced technicians and workers. Our mill has more than 100 sets of circular machines, over 25 sets of flat knit machines and 10 computerized self-start machines, etc. Our technical abilities guarantee that we can develop and produce all kinds of knitting fabric, especially special fabrics like ottoman, crepe jersey, drop needle interlock, quilt fabric, gold lurex yarn jersey, jacquard, mercerized fabric, and etc.



APIC (Vietnam), established on Oct 21, 2010 with a total area of 75,187 square meters, is operated as Kane Top's Joint Factory. Average annual capacity reached 6.215.0000 pcs per year with 2000 specialized machines, 2000 employees and modern equipments.