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Embracing AI & Shaping The Future

December 16, 2023
Embracing AI & Shaping The Future

🌟 Kane Top's Sustainable Supply Chain Community Activity: Embracing AI & Shaping The Future 🚀

On Dec.16, an visionary and exciting activity filled with insights and inspiration, Kane Top hosted a remarkable gathering, bringing together industry leaders and innovators to explore the transformative power of AI, sustainable supply chains, and the future of fashion.

🔍 Highlights from the Event:

🚀 Featuring AI Empowerment: Yan Zhang, Growth-oriented Customer Manager from Feishu (Lark) illuminated the audience on how AI is empowering enterprises to build native organizations, fostering an environment of efficiency and innovation. Yan revealed transformative strategies for the AIGC era. Emphasizing seamless AI integration, he highlighted the success of the "Intelligent Companions" initiative, boosting sales efficiency. Gripping case studies showcased AI's impact, from seizing business opportunities to streamlining workflows. Yan stressed the necessity for organizations to be "AI Ready," leveraging comprehensive digitization. The announcement of Lark 7 marks a milestone in facilitating AI readiness.

🌐 Treelab's Supply Chain Marvel: Ricky Ho, Founder of Treelab, a glimpse of the showcase about future with their supply chain marvel, akin to Jarvis, revealing the potential of AI in revolutionizing the supply chain landscape. Ricky's speech covered various aspects of AI technology in the supply chain. He emphasized the role of AI in market perception and prediction, providing crucial insights for businesses to optimize production plans and enhance inventory turnover in real-time. The speech also highlighted AI's performance in risk management, swiftly identifying and efficiently handling potential risks through a 24/7 online risk control system. Additionally, Ricky underscored the significance of AI's digital platform in achieving transparency, collaboration, and optimization within the supply chain, thereby improving overall operational efficiency. Overall, Ricky's speech highlighted how AI brings about intelligent transformation in the supply chain, enabling businesses to better adapt to market changes.

👗 Fashion Trends & Sustainability: Macy Yau, Kane Top CEO, provided invaluable insights into the 2024 fashion trends. As 2024 unfolds, the fashion industry anticipates uncertainties and challenges. Despite past resilience, 2023 saw varying regional growth and a decline in consumer interest. Executives express uncertainty, projecting 2-4% YoY retail sales growth for 2024. The climate crisis adds pressure, necessitating resilience against extreme events and potential $65 billion apparel export risks by 2030. Fashion firms shift focus to strategic preparedness, emphasizing sales growth, new pricing, and promotion strategies. Regulatory scrutiny rises, especially in sustainability. Growth levers include generative AI and intensified brand marketing for emotional connections. As travel resumes, brands adapt to consumer shopping abroad, while a shift to outdoor activities blurs functionality and style lines. Fashion leaders brace for a challenging 2024, requiring careful planning, pricing management, and readiness to accelerate post-storm. Macy emphasized the changing landscape of customer demands, consumer values, product creation, and evolving marketing channels. The event underscored the mission of being a sustainable supply chain and fashion manufacturer.

🎙️ Guest Reflections: In this cold Saturday evening in Shanghai, our distinguished guests shared profound reflections. They emphasized that AI is not an invention but a tool to uncover opportunities. The key lies in doing the right things and creating the right products. The event celebrated the mission of sustainable development in the supply chain, resonating with the collective goal of making a positive change in the fashion industry.

👏 Closing Thoughts:As the temperature dropped, the warmth of collaboration and innovation enveloped the venue. Kane Top extends heartfelt gratitude to every guest who graced the event. Together, we're not just making fashion; we are changing the face of fashion!

🌐 Continue the Journey:Let's continue to explore new horizons, expand our scenarios, and co-create a future where fashion is not just made but transformed. Kane Top remains committed to driving positive change in the industry, and we invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey.

"We make fashion,we change fashion."

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